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"Shaina made me feel heard and seen for the first time in my healing journey! She not only listened but also validated how I was feeling and provided thorough explanations that actually made sense about why I was experiencing certain symptoms. She also made sure that my health plan was doable and not overwhelming. Cannot recommend her enough!!"

"Shaina is the most well-informed medical processional I've ever dealt with in the 22yrs of living with autoimmune issues. She's outstanding, empathetic, and compassionate."

"She has helped me immensely improve my digestive function as well as the relationship I have with food and myself. I am very thankful for the time we worked together. “"

"My relationship with food and my body was at an all-time low. Working with Shaina -  I felt SO supported and I have gained so much confidence in myself & my body. I've never felt more comfortable during my period, EVER!"

"Shaina is so sweet, very professional, and a genuine listener. She took careful note of my health concerns, asked relevant insightful questions, and put together a simple, yet manageable plan. She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me clarify a lot. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her energy is positive and radiant!"

"Shaina is so informative and validating - I felt like she was a partner and a guide in this journey to health. I was so impressed with her knowledge and came out of our first session feeling empowered & supported. Her energy is infectious!"

"I just love Shaina. She humanizes a process that is generally very bland and clinical. She says things in ways that allow me to learn more about my body. She is very knowledgable and she is able to package that knowledge in a tangible manner."

"Just in our first consultation, everything made sense and I immediately knew that Shaina was going to make an immense impact on my health, whether she knew it or not."

"In addition to being an outstanding nutritionist, Shaina has incredible counseling skills. She has supported me with a lot of the "mindset" challenges that come along with healing. I find great comfort in our communications, whether they are written or via video call."

"She is a wonderful listener, relatable, compassionate, grounded, and very knowledgeable. She is attentive and listens to my concerns. She helped me create a plan that felt doable, despite my limitations."

" Shaina is an incredible nutritionist and I would recommend her (& already do!) to any of my friends and family who are struggling with difficult health concerns. She is great at listening patiently, creating a calm and supportive environment, and offering tangible suggestions that are very clearly based on a deep wealth of knowledge and expertise that is reliable & thoughtfully applicable to what I am dealing with."

"While doctors have been dismissive of my pain, Shaina has listened and given me countless options to address my health issues. She helped me out more than anyone I’ve seen in the last 15 years. I really appreciate all of her support and knowledge!"

"I've never had a nutrition session before and Shaina was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I was seen, heard, and truly understood. She was empathetic and had a keen sense for what I truly needed to work on."

"I love how responsive and receptive Shaina is. She is not judgemental or scripted, but rather it truly feels like she's listening and speaking to my specific challenges & personality. It's a breath of fresh air!"

"I felt very held, and respected. I have never found nutritionists to be a successful approach for me until I found Shaina. Like, I believe she actually cares about me and doesn't shame me for things I "should" be doing." 



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